Product Information

The Galvanized strip production In this line is processed by continuous hot dip treatment.
The advantages of this galvanizing method comparing to the others is its cost effective, possibility of producing variety of thickness coatings, high strength and durability of coating on the strip.
Cold rolled coils in the entry section of the line are welded together by a resisting welding machine to produce a continuous strip to the line. Under tension the strip would undergo pre cleaning in order to reduce the surface pollutions and after passing through the dryer it enters the entry accumulator. The capacity of this accumulator is about 420 meters. This is designed to compensate a stable speed in the process section when stopping in the entry section in order to accomplish welding process and connecting the strips together.
After the accumulator the strip enters the cleaning section to clean the surface according to the specification for the strip to enter the annealing furnace. In this section after passing through the brushing rolls and vertical and horizontal chemical tanks the strip would be washed by electrolytic method and after rinsing it will be dried by hot air. The clean strip then enters the vertical annealing furnace with protective atmosphere .In three sequences the strip would be preheated, heated and soaked and according to the application specifications would be annealed and its temperature would be adjusted by the cooling system so that it can enter the zinc pot.
In the zinc pot a thin layer of the zinc is coated on both sides of the strip. Immediately after leaving the melted zinc, the air knives spray high pressure air to achieve appropriate coating weight. In the next section the strip enters the cooling tower in which by adjusting the cooling sequences the zinc spangles on the surfaces would be controlled. Blowing air reduces the temperature of the strip and after passing through a water tank it is dried by blowing hot air. In the next sequence the thickness of the strip is automatically and continuously measured. In order to improve mechanical properties the coated strip passes through the skin pass in which it gets a flattened surface by passing through tension rolls and ultimately it gets a uniform surface. In order to prevent the rust on the galvanized strip when in the storage the strip passes through the chemical roller coaters and a layer of chromate agent is applied on the both surfaces of the strip. In order to supply a stable speed all through the process section, the strip is reserved in the exit accumulator after which the strip undergoes side trimmed and on the horizontal and vertical tables it undergoes surface inspections. If required the surface of the strip is oiled by electrostatic method and finally after packing it would be delivered to the storage or directly to the customer. The prominent specifications of the product include good formability, proper weld ability, resistant against thinness, ultra smooth flatness, good paint ability and its anti corrosion